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Kiwi Jasper

Kiwi Jasper Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Offers a soothing + nurturing vibration for its keeper
  • Supports its keeper during times of chronic stress
  • Absorbs negative energy that surrounds its keeper
  • Helps to give a sense of enjoyment and playfulness to its keeper when they are feeling down

Kiwi Jasper Healing Information:

  • Can help bring together different aspects of your life, and form a unified balance between them all
  • Useful for counsellors to give their patients; Kiwi Jasper will help the person in need to open up yet be calm whilst being asked intrusive questions
  • Aids those with compulsive or repeating patterns to quit
  • Said to help those with addictions

Kiwi Jasper in relationships:

Kiwi Jasper will help both partners in a relationship to remain calm when a fight or uneasy feeling comes around. It will give support to the partner who feels attacked yet give the other partner a sense of calmness and encourage them to take a step back. Kiwi Jasper encourages fair play and promotes justice in all aspects of a relationships.

Kiwi Jasper for those with psychic abilities:

It is said that Kiwi Jasper can help psychics have premonitions and be able to see clearly what is coming up ahead for both them and those close to them. 

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