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Jade Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Properties:

  • Said to bring prosperity, abundance, good luck and wisdom
  • A symbol of longevity, eternal youth and happiness
  • Helps you to discover your inner truth and to help you to dispose of negative patterns which are currently holding you back from reaching your full potential

If you or someone you know, is trying to save for something important but constantly find that you are spending your money before you can even think about saving it; make sure to keep some jade nearby to counteract impulsive behaviour and purchases.

Jade in Health:

  • Said to help treat the kidneys and help to remove harmful toxins from the body
  • Assists in fertility and child birth

Jade in Relationships:

Jade is said to help increase someone's ability to love and nurture. It is also known to help attract healthy relationships. Jade encourages its keeper to show their true self to their partner and to encourage self-dependency.

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