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Iolite Meaning + Metaphysical Properties:

  • Known to stimulate one’s inner knowing
  • Traditionally always used in Shamanic ceremonies
  • Helps its keeper to express their true self
  • Activates its keepers third eye
  • Used for journeying outside the body
  • Encourages its keeper to take responsibility for them self
  • Helps to overcome co-dependency within your partnership
  • Reenergizes the auric field
  • Clears thought forms and re-energizes the mind
  • Helps to release discord in relationships

Iolite in Health:

Iolite is known to help their keepers overcome addiction of any sort, it can also mitigate the effects of alcohol and supports detoxification of the liver. It is also said to help treat fevers, alleviate migraines / headaches and reduce fatty deposits within the body.

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