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In Store Loyalty Membership


 How it works

  • You can sign up to our rewards program at any time!
  • Every time you purchase in store, present your loyalty card
  • Loyalty cards are stamped by an employee for each purchase from our shop (Max 1 stamp per day)
  • For every 5th stamp, you receive 15%off your order.

T’s and C’s

  • Loyalty card must be produced at time of purchase, we can not stamp your card from previous purchases.
  • In-store purchases only are stamped (eg; buying something from in store and off the shelves /tables)
  • You can not use your website live orders for extra stamps
  • Your information gets put into our system at the end of each week; once we have your information on file (we only use your name and email) we dispose of the form. 

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