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How to - Live Sales

How to participate in and pay for your order from our live sales.

  • When?

Sunday and Wednesday nights starting from 7pm Sydney Time. 

  • When is payment due

Sunday night live payments are due before 10pm Tuesday night Sydney Time

Wednesday night live payments are due before 10pm Friday night Sydney Time.

  • How to Purchase

To buy on our Facebook live, please say “Sold” with the corresponding number of the crystal you wish to purchase. By saying "sold" you are agreeing that you will pay for that crystal before the due date and time. 

In the event that multiple people want the crystal presented, we automatically go with the user who appears first on our screen saying "sold”. Please note, due to internet performances, your screen may show someone different to whom we see first, and Facebook will always show your comment to yourself first before other comments. We do not favour anyone during our live sales.

Once our live is over, we will start creating orders and publishing them to our website under your Facebook name.


Your order will contain the code/number of the crystal, the crystal type and the price for each crystal. You can find your order by searching for your name, or clicking on the “LIVE SALE ORDERS” page from our main menu, and scroll down to find your name.


    •   Postage

If your postage cost comes to more than $15 we will contact you to pay the excess charge. This only applies to live sale orders. 


Common Questions

  • I said sold first! Here is a screenshot!

Unfortunately, with all phones running at different speeds etc, we sometimes may see someone else’s name before yours, once we announce the name, that person has claimed that certain piece. What we announce is final and will not be changed.

  • Can I say sold, and then tell you to pass it on to someone else?

No, when this is done it makes it incredibly hard to keep up with the changes. If we notice you doing this several times, we will ask you not to claim anymore crystals.

  • Where is my order?

Orders are made as products on our website. You can find them here. Orders are generally produced within 1-2 hours of the live sale finishing.

  • Can I cancel crystals from my order once it is made?

No. We don’t start personalising orders after you have commented sold on numerous pieces and then change your mind.

  • I did not mean to spend this much money! Can you please hold my order for 2 weeks?

We encourage those who participate to keep a track of how much they are spending on our live sales. Having a pen and paper handy is encouraged to help keep track of what you are buying.

  • Can I add other crystals from your website onto my order and pay for them all together?

Certainly! Add as many crystals from the website as you like and combine the shipping cost!

  • Can you take a photo of my order for me?

Unfortunately due to time restraints and man hours, we do not take photos of orders. We encourage users to take a screenshot of the items purchased.

  • Can I combine my Wednesday order with my Sunday order?

Unfortunately, we can’t combine shipping for both of these orders. Orders have to be paid for within 48 hours. 


  • What happens if I don’t pay for my order?

Unfortunately, you will be banned from purchasing in our live sales. 


Extra Information

Please note that if you message us during the live sale, we are unable to respond to your messages due to being live and communicating with over 100 people at one time. We are not ignoring you, we just can't stop the live to reply to messages. Due to this; please do not harass or bully the team running the live sale. If we receive verbally abusive messages from someone during the sale, we will block and ban you from joining in future live sales. We will not put up with any bullying, harassment or abusive messages from any person. 
All crystals are sold as is from the live sale. Any chips or imperfections, we do try to point out, however it is up to the customer whether they want to buy the piece or not. As stated in our returns and refunds section, these crystals are sale pieces, reduced from original pricing to sell on the lives. They can not be returned, refunded or any of the likes. We recommend that all purchases are made with Australia Post Warranty Insurance in the event of items arriving damaged. 

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