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Green Opal

Green Opal Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Connects deeply with the heart
  • Encourages you to take the path less travelled
  • A stone of transformation
  • Encourages a positive change in personality
  • Great for those who are currently dealing with change
  • New career? Moving to a new house? Green Opal is the best companion to have with you when taking these new journeys in life
  • An incredibly comforting stone

Green Opal in Health

  • Traditionally used to help heal conditions of the heart
  • Great for those who often feel their heart racing of a night time; place your green opal underneath your pillow to help your heart slow back to a normal rhythm
  • Said to improve capacity of memory

Green Opal in Healing

  • Deeply cleanses the heart chakra
  • Provides a sense of support to its keeper
  • Great for those who need constant support

Green Opal in Relationships

  • Single? Can't seem to find the one? Green Opal with encourage you to look at prospective partners in a different way. This stone will encourage you to connect with someone whom normally you wouldn't have thought twice about
  • Encourages its keeper to let their walls down
  • Dispels jealousy, rage and fear when it comes to relationships
  • Said to strengthen relationships

Green Opal for those with psychic abilities

  • Powerfully protective
  • Encourages its keeper to connect with loving spiritual energies
  • Often used to help open inner intuition

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