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Green Fuchsite and Blue Kyanite


Here we have the perfect crystal for those looking for a new beginning. The perfect blend of rejuvenation, connection and restoration.

You know on those long, sweaty hot summer days all you crave is to jump into a calm, big blue ocean? This crystal brings that ocean to you! (without having to endure that long, disgusting summers day!)  Whether you’ve had a rough few days, or you’ve finally broken up with that partner who did you wrong; this mix of crystals brings you that new beginning you’ve been waiting for.

The subtle blend of Kyanite and Fuchsite will help to align all your chakras and help to restore balance and harmony within your soul. The days will seem brighter, and your emotions will seem calmer.

This crystal will encourage you to remember that only you control your happiness; you are responsible for your emotions. You don’t need anyone else to take that power away from you, and you wont when you have this crystal in your collection.

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