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Golden Healer

Golden Healer Quartz Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Expands the healing properties of clear quartz
  • Encourages the flow of energy around the body and aura
  • Beneficial for those who have recently been emotionally hurt
  • Encourages peace and harmony
  • Helps its keeper to understand things that may need to change and why they need to change
  • Amplifies crystal intentions
  • Encourages its keeper to approach life in a calm, sensible way
  • Often used to help bring good luck, prosperity and abundance
  • Said to help you move on from whatever is holding you back
  • Great for those who are looking to move up the ranks in their job
  • Will encourage its keeper to be more confident
  • A great study made - improves focus by filtering out distractions
  • Said to enhance joy and to encourage a general love of life
  • Used to help show its keeper their true worth
  • Said to be like having a piece of the sun in your pocket
  • Radiates a strong, positive and happy vibration
  • Helps to unleash its keepers’ full potential
  • Amplifies its keeper’s positive qualities
  • Can eliminate fears that its keeper has
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Said to help cleanse areas of the house
  • Brings peace and harmony

Golden Healer Quartz in Healing

  • Great for those who are looking for spiritual healing
  • Cleanses its keepers’ aura
  • Helps to unblock chakras
  • Removes emotional blockages that may be stopping you from moving forward
  • Great for those who feel like they aren't going anywhere in life; it will show you how to achieve your goals
  • Said to rid negative energies
  • Removes destructive behaviours
  • Encourages its keeper to forgive those who have done them wrong
  • Enhances and encourages its keeper to love them self and those around them
  • Said to encourage personal growth

Golden Healer Quartz in Health

  • Helps to transform negative patterns into positive patters
  • Beneficial to those who are struggling with physical pain
  • If you are having trouble dealing with negative thoughts; this crystal will allow you to deal with them and move forward
  • Promotes a faster recovery for physical ailments
  • Said to improve the functions of many organs
  • Known to stimulate the immune system
  • Traditionally used as a powerful tool to prolong stamina
  • Often used for those who have significant trust issues

Golden Healer Quartz in relationships

  • Said to eliminate fear and insecurities
  • Encourages open and truthful communication
  • Often used to help dispel unwanted arguments
  • Increases positive feelings and positive outcomes
  • Strengthens relationships and friendships
  • Enables the past to be the past; and to help both parties move on
  • If a breakup occurs, this crystal will help you to move forward and let you know that there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Golden Healer for those with psychic abilities

  • Raises its keepers’ vibrations, enabling them to reach other realms
  • Program this crystal with your intentions and watch the magic happen
  • Can enable psychics to help see the bigger picture
  • Traditionally used to help find out certain outcomes, but also said to show how to stop specific problems from happening by finding out the true cause
  • Great for working with past life healing
  • Increases intuition
  • Encourages the third eye to open
  • Powerfully protective of its keeper when engaging in psychic work
  • Helps its keeper to maintain ongoing communication with other realms

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