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  • Traditionally used to help instil self confidence in its keeper
  •  Known to radiate universal love
  • Great for those who work in a caring industry. E.g.; nurse, aged care worker, child care etc
  • Encourages its keeper to keep going when life gets tough
  • Helps its keeper to be more financially stable - to save more and spend less
  • When you don't know what to do, if you're stuck at a fork in the road, Garnierite will show you the way

If you find yourself always seeing the cup as half empty, try meditating with your Garnierite palm stone. It will encourage you to choose a brighter and more uplifting path in life, enabling a better mood within yourself and a better outlook in life. Set your intentions on this stone to simply help encourage happiness and watch the magic manifest.


This crystal is said to work magic on those who find themselves over-indulging in greasy or fatty food. It is said that Garnierite can help you to be more sensible with food choices and help you to stop eating before you feel sick! Due to this extraordinary magic, this crystal is great for those who are bound by strict diets, or those wanting to improve their eating habits.

Those with gastro-intestinal issues, gallbladder issues, digestive issues or general stomach issues should grab a piece of Garnierite for their collection.  

  • Most often associated with the heart chakra
  • If you find it hard to express yourself, this crystal is the one for you. Garnierite is known to help its keeper speak what they are feeling; even when it seems impossible to do so
  • Great for those with issues of self-confidence and self-love 

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