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Fuchsite Meaning + Metaphysical Meaning:

  • Helps deal with negative issues from both the keepers past and present lives
  • Excellent for those who fall into saviour or rescuer mode seemingly out of nowhere
  • Aids its keeper to know when to stand up and take charge, and when to sit back and let others take the lead
  • Teaches self-worth and self-trust
  • Shows its keeper how to support someone else’s growth
  • Combines both unconditional and tough love together, creating a perfect balance between the two
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Great for those with large ego's

Fuchsite is particularly useful for the outcast of a group / family. It will allow that person to become independent and to have their own thoughts and feelings. This crystal will help to impart a resilience to trauma and emotional tension / stress.

Fuchsite amplifies the energy of any other crystals it is placed with. It is also known to remove energy blocks and can also increase flexibility within the body.