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Dumortierite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Meaning:

  • Encourages its keeper to both stand their ground, and stand up for them self
  • Promotes tolerance of other people and difficult situations
  • A great study mate crystal - it is said to enhance intellectual abilities
  • Often referred to as a healing crystal
  • Primarily a crystal that relates directly to the third eye
  • Used in meditation
  • A strong, eclectic vibration resides inside this crystal

Dumortierite in Healing:

  • Said to help stabilise emotions
  • Encourages patience when its keeper is going through a massive life change
  • Encourages those with addiction to help stop and think things through before performing the act again

Dumortierite for those with psychic abilities:

Dumortierite is said to greatly help enhance psychic gifts. It can help to open up its keepers third eye and encourages progress in all fields of psychic abilities. Dumortierite is known to help pin point specific information which will help its keeper to provide precise tarot readings and psychic readings. If you feel as though when you connect to the spirit world that you are unsure if what you're hearing is true - Dumortierite will point you in the right direction and will help you to be confident in what you see and say. 

If you are trying to develop your abilities - Dumortierite is the crystal for you. It will encourage its keeper to keep trying; even when the outcome seems bleak. If you are focusing on telepathy in particular; this crystal will help to amplify this ability tremendously. 

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