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Cinnabar Meaning + Metaphysical properties:

  • Known as the crystal of manifestation
  • Can help to bring an increase of wealth into its keepers business - keep cinnabar near to where you receive your income 
  • Crystal of transformation
  • Enhances communication skills
  • Helps to release fear
  • Known to encourage creativity
  • Great study mate - promotes clear and direct thinking
  • Commonly used to aid salesmen - it can aid speech patterns and make the keeper more articulate
  • Stimulates confidence

Cinnabar in Healing:

  • Known to help align all chakras
  • Said to help relieve past resentments and traumas
  • Encourages its keeper to deal with supressed feelings of; hurt, anger and jealousy
  • Traditionally used to help improve physical strength
  • Said to be a natural immune booster and can help treat infections
  • Can enable its keeper to find out why they are having weight issues

Cinnabar in Relationships:

  • Enhances all aspects of relationships

Cinnabar for those with psychic abilities:

Cinnabar can help awaken psychic vision. If you are just starting on your spiritual journey, keep a piece of cinnabar with you to help show you your spiritual potential. This crystal also strongly resonates with the third eye.

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