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Charoite Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Often referred to as a charm stone and a stone of transformation
  • Strongly affects the emotions
  • Anchors its keeper in the present reality
  • Said to help teach its keeper life lessons
  • Recently feel like you've fallen down and cant get up? Charoite is the perfect companion to help you get back up and try again
  • Said to be very similar to Malachite
  • Used to help its keeper get a good nights sleep
  • Provides its keeper with courage
  • A great companion to have when you feel like you have missed out on something very important - Charoite will feel like a best friend giving you loving support
  • Useful for those who are constantly thinking on their feet - it can provide unique solutions to difficult situations
  • One of the most perfect crystals to place intentions on as it is very receptive
  • Find yourself constantly delaying making decisions? Charoite will push you forward and help you to take the right path
  • Said to attract good luck, wealth and success
  • Boosts self esteem and courage
  • Often used for cutting ties
  • Gets rid of its keepers fears of; abandonment, loneliness, fear, anger and many other negative feelings

Charoite in Healing

  • Great to use when in need of some powerful healing
  • Traditionally used to help heal all elements of the; mind, body, heart, soul and spirit
  • Said to help remove negative energy within its keeper; both in the aura and body
  • Used to help release past life fears
  • Can't let go of someone? Finding it hard to move on? Charoite will allow you to finally move on and heal from any negativity that does not serve you in the highest of good
  • Said to regulate the flow of energy around the body

Charoite in Health

  • Often used to help overcome OCD and addictions
  • Said to ease the pain of headaches
  • Promotes a fast healing process
  • Traditionally used to provide relief of migraines, cramps and general aches and pains
  • Great for those who have overcome addictions, and are still dealing with symptoms - great to help detox the body

Charoite in Relationships

  • Helps its keeper let their guard down
  • Relieves fears one might have about relationships
  • Dispels past memories of love gone wrong
  • Allows its keeper to realise what kind of personality traits they would like in a partner
  • Promotes a more relaxed and calm attitude towards love

Charoite for those with psychic abilities

  • Often used to protect its keeper from negative energies and forces
  • Said to show its keeper their past lives and show you why you are, the way you are
  • Raises its keepers vibrations to the highest level
  • Increases intuition

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