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Calcite Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Symbolises Cleansing and enabling a better energy flow throughout the body and aura
  • Enables its keeper to go with the flow
  • Looking to make a fresh start? Calcite is the best crystal to carry with you when you are about to make changes within your life
  • Great for those who are studying or trying to learn something new - a great study mate!
  • Helps its keeper to achieve their goals
  • Fantastic for those who are financially struggling, it will show you the way of saving money and spending wisely!
  • Traditionally used to help increase prosperity, abundance and a general love of life
  • Said to bring good luck to business owners

Calcite Healing Information:

  • Known to help dispel negative energies from the aura and body
  • Said to be able to lift moods, disperse anger and help those who are going through a mental crisis
  • Brings inner peace to those struggling with their past
  • Great for those who struggle with bad patterns, negative attachments or those who find it hard to stop anger outbursts

Calcite in Health:

  • Calcite is great for Reiki practitioners, as it is said to help increase and amplify energy. Great for use in distance healing also.
  • Said to help ease back aches
  • Known to be beneficial for those with constant muscle aches around the body
  • Often used on those who have recently completed surgery, as it is said to produce muscle relaxant energy and vibes
  • Said to help increase physical strength
  • Known to help with calcium absorption and help heal broken bones
  • Traditionally used to help treat those with skin problems / conditions
  • Great for those who are constantly stressed

Calcite in Relationships:

Calcite is great for any type of romantic relationship. It will help to teach you to know when enough is enough, when you need to do more, or it can simply help you to feel; and instinctively know what your partner needs from you. If you are struggling with the thought of commitment, Calcite will show you what you truly want. If commitment is what you want deep down but you're just unsure, hold a piece of Calcite when meditating to show you the way. It can help to reduce arguments and fights by surrounding you with loving and positive vibes. Calcite will help to reduce feelings of insecurity, jealousy, resentment and any negative thoughts from your relationship. It will help you to see what's in front of you and show you that you should never take for granted what you've got.

Calcite works in many wonderful ways, give a piece to your partner to help them open-up and help the lines of communication!

Calcite for those with psychic abilities:

HEALING! HEALING! HEALING! Use calcite for any and all of your healing needs! Want some extra protection when doing psychic readings? Calcite. Want to feel cool, calm and collected when accessing the spiritual world? Calcite. Want to do distance Reiki but need some powerful crystals? Calcite. It can do a little bit of everything for those who need it to do so. Add a piece of calcite into your next crystal grid!

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