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Bronzite Crystal Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Encourages a sense of belonging
  • Promotes self-courage and self-confidence
  • Said to dispel negative energies from one’s aura
  • Known to be a great stress reliever
  • Great for those going through life changes
  • Said to have common properties with Labradorite e.g.: Bronzite and Labradorite are both stones of transformation
  • Attracts wealth and abundance
  • A great stone to use with meditation and manifestation
  • Compensates hard work with lucky rewards
  • Reminds its keeper to never move backwards, never go back to bad relationships, never to go back to something that caused you harm or pain
  • Encourages its keeper to be mature when situations call for it

Bronzite Healing Information:

  • Helps its keeper to break free from toxic relationships
  • A powerful, thorough healing stone
  • Raises its keepers’ vibrations

Bronzite in Health:

  • A great stone for those who have constant negative thoughts - Bronzite will help to remove negative thought patterns and replace them with positivity
  • Said to be able to subside pain associated with cramps
  • Known to help those who suffer from allergies
  • Bronzite can be beneficial for those suffering with depression as it is an emotional healer

Bronzite for those with psychic abilities:

  • Known to help protect against psychic attacks and curses placed on its keeper
  • Said to be a protective stone for its keeper, often looking down on them like a guardian angel
  • Helps to connect with Spirit Guides

Bronzite for Relationships

  • Encourages both parties to live their own separate life, but to come back to each other at the end of the day
  • If you often feel as though you are being taken advantage of, or feel like you can never say no to your partner; Bronzite will help you to stick up for yourself and to stand your ground
  • Every relationship has their up’s and downs and Bronzite will help you to analyse what is right and what is wrong, what is worth it and what is not.

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