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Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Powerful Healer
  • A crystal with a very gentle vibration
  • Often described as a grandmother crystal - imagine the love your grandmother gives you, this is what this crystal will give to you
  • Promotes harmony and peace
  • Encourages you to explore unknown territory
  • Returns negative energy back to the sender
  • An easily programmed crystal

Botswana Agate Healing Information:

  • Use to overcome physical, emotional and mental poisoning or toxicity
  • Helps to shut off obsessive thoughts
  • Encourages its keeper to live a free life without restrictions and worry

Botswana Agate in Health:

  • Teaches its keeper to look for solutions rather than to dwell on problems
  • Assists smokers who are wanting to quit the habit
  • Releases emotional repression and encourages a healthy way of expressing it
  • Helps to shut off obsessive and destructive thoughts
  • Benefits those with depression
  • Encourages detoxification of all sorts

Agate Facts

  • Agate is a banded form of Quartz
  • Chalcedony is a type of Quartz and Agate, which has not been banded
  • Dendritic Agate and Moss agate are not true forms of Agate as they do not contain banding patterns
  • Agate gets its name from the crystal often containing multiple colours
  • Onyx, Sardonyx, Chalcedony and Carnelian are also forms of Agate
  • Agate is an easy to find crystal with large deposits being found all over the world making it a more affordable crystal
  • A fine, sharp and banded pattern with a strong colour will increase the cost and value of the Agate
  • Dendritic Agate is a type of translucent Chalcedony with tree or fern like inclusions
  • Fire Agate is often also a form of Chalcedony
  • Moss Agate is a form of Chalcedony which contains dense inclusions of green Hornblende that causes the pattern to resemble moss
  • Onyx is a type of Chalcedony also

Agate History

The history of the Agate crystal is closely tied to Germany. The town of Idar-Oberstein has an important connection to this type of crystal. Reason being is that both Agate and Jasper were found in this town and mined, cut and polished by a local craftsman. There was a huge Agate deposit found in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in the 1800's. The Agate was then shipped back to Idar-Oberstein for cutting and polishing as the locals from this town knew how to handle this crystal.


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