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Astrophyllite meaning and metaphysical abilities

  • Often used for those who are going through life changes
  • Said to surround its keeper with feelings of happiness, and optimism
  • Use Astrophyllite to help ground yourself. It will allow you to stay present in the moment and enjoy it for what it is
  • Provides a sense of peace and calm in chaotic times
  • Enables its keeper to continuously grow, move forward and be the best version of them self
  • Helps its keeper to achieve the goals they have set for them self
  • Encourages self-acceptance, self-love and improves confidence

Astrophyllite in Healing

  • Can’t stop thinking of the past? Stay awake at night thinking of everything you regret? Astrophyllite will help you to heal from the past, and enable you to move on

Astrophyllite in Health

  • Great for those who are struggling with addiction; it will help you to understand why the addiction started and what you can to do alleviate it

Astrophyllite in Relationships

  • Will encourage both partners to see the other's point of view
  • Great to use when arguments arise; it will encourage both partners to stop and think about their words before they say it. It will also encourage its keeper to think about the next step thoroughly before going through with it

Astrophyllite for those with psychic abilities

  • Powerfully protective for those with any sort of psychic gifts
  • One of the strongest crystals for those wishing to develop and enhance their psychic gifts
  • A great first crystal for those starting their spiritual journey
  • Said to greatly help communication with spirits, guardian angels and those from other worlds and realms
  • Makes communication clear, precise and true
  • Helps improve dream recall, especially if the dream had predictions of the future within
  • Provides its keeper with courage to relay information heard from the other side
  • Said to enhance telepathy
  • Great for those who travel into past lives

Often get mixed up with Arfvedsonite and Astrophyllite? Astrophyllite is filled with mostly Gold needles, with blue ones scattered throughout. 

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