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Arfvedsonite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Can help implement organisation and structure within life
  • Contains a very strong vibrational energy
  • Encourages is keeper to go on many different journeys throughout life
  • Helps to re-assure its keeper that they are on the right path in life, if they are not - Arfvedsonite will help steer them in the correct direction
  • Will provide insight to different situations the keeper comes across
  • Known to help manifest its keepers dream

Arfvedsonite Healing Information:

  • Allows the keeper to notice their negative thoughts and will help to change them
  • Removes negative patterns
  • Known to help keep nightmares at bay - often like a dream catcher
  • Allows its keeper to see the truth

Arfvedsonite in Health:

  • Will help relieve symptoms of depression
  • Encourages positivity and happiness
  • If its keeper is going through a tough time - the crystal will always give them a reassuring vibe

Arfvedsonite for those with psychic abilities:

  • Known to help psychics travel to both the past and the future
  • Heightens all psychic gifts
  • Helps to develop psychic abilities
  • Will help protect those starting their journey into the spiritual realm
  • Aids psychics in having psychic visions - will help them to see clearly

Arfvedsonite Facts

  • Arfvedsonite gets its name from its founder - Johann Arfvedson who was a Swedish Chemist and discovered this crystal in 1823
  • Arfvedsonite can be found worldwide including places such as USA, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Greenland, Russia and Norway
  • Astrophyllite is often confused to be Arfvedsonite. The easiest way to tell the difference is that Astrophyllite will have Gold streaks running through it; unlike Arfvedsonite which contains silver and blue streaks / shimmers
  • Arfvedsonite is considered a rare crystal; hence being more expensive in most cases compared to other crystal

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