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AP's Crystal Information

AP's Crystal Concepts

Did you know that the shapes and colours of crystals can have an impact on its uses? Use this guide to help pick out your crystals!

    Spheres produce a calming effect within its vibrational field. They are known to recycle energy and reproduce only positivity. Spheres are great to put in a living room, to ensure only happy vibes!
      Tear drop shapes are known to unite the masculine and feminine energies
        Eggs often represent new beginnings. Give a crystal egg to a newly married couple to encourage them on their new journey!
          Pyramid shapes can enhance manifestation. If you've been dreaming of something for a while; grab a crystal pyramid to help manifest your desires.
            Obelisks/Wands and Points are great to amplify and direct energy. 


                Indigo  - Maturity, Experience, Judgement, Longevity and Prestige.
                Purple - Music, Trust, Inspiration and Intuition
                Black - Mystery, Security, Transformation, Protection and Self-trust
                Blue - Trust, Cleansing, Faith, Order and Sincerity
                Red - Energy, Courage, Exploration, Action and Strength
                Pink - Love, Romance, Sensuality, Commitment and Processing loss
                Orange - Celebration, Joy, Pleasure and Prosperity
                White - Freedom, Hope, Energy, Unity and Purity
                Green - Nurturing, Growth, New beginnings, Productivity and Health

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