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Ametrine Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Contains a strong healing energy
  • Removes negative energy which may be lingering in its keeper’s aura
  • Great study mate - helps to clear the mind of un-useful information
  • Promotes its keeper with inspiration and creativity
  • Amplifies energies
  • Knows when to provide support, when to provide strength and courage, and also when to step back and let the keeper choose their own path
  • Relieves stress, tension and anxiety
  • Helps to manifest dreams and desires
  • Known to be a crystal of wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Promotes lateral thinking
  • Encourages problem solving skills
  • Can aid its keeper to feel more: peace, joy and happiness

Ametrine in Health:

  • Said to aid those trying to lose weight
  • Great for those who are fighting addictions
  • Known to help alleviate depression
  • Can help to remove symptoms of anxiety and stress
  • Enables its keeper to make the right decision when faced with a difficult choice
  • Said to help eliminate toxins from the body
  • Helpful for those with dementia

Ametrine in Relationships:

Known to help improve the status of relationships. Ametrine encourages balance and harmony between partners. It is also useful when a fight occurs; it will encourage partners to come together and to think of a solution that will benefit both people equally.

Ametrine will help keep energy levels within the relationship balanced.

Ametrine for those with psychic abilities:

Ametrine provides a connection with Divine guidance. It is often a crystal commonly used by healers. It will enable the healer to make good decisions about what needs to be done to help their client / patient.  This crystal also holds mild cleansing properties, it can help clear toxic energy within the auric field.

Ametrine can also help to release any blocked energy within any of the chakra's, especially the third eye. 

Ametrine Facts

  • The world's only single source of Ametrine is found in Bolivia, the mine is up to 457m deep in certain areas
  • Legend has it that a Spanish Conquistador discovered the mine's location in the 1600's and introduced the stone to Europeans when he presented the crystal to a native princess named Anahi. The location of the mine was shortly lost and unheard of until the 1960's
  • The mine located in Bolivia (named after Anahi) also produces Amethyst and Citrine
  • The journey to the mine can be made to by either a small aeroplane of by road and boat. 
  • Ametrine is a combination of both quartz, amethyst and Citrine
  • The colours of Amethyst and Citrine are produced by iron impurities with different oxidation states within the quarts

Ametrine History

According to various sources; the Ayoreo Indian tribe of Eastern Bolivia knew about the Ametrine crystals over 500 years ago. Reports of Ametrine began circulating in the early 1960's by the locals of Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. It was only in 1989 that Bolivian mining laws started to allow the commercial mining of Ametrine and a company by the name of Minerales y Metales del Oriente S.R.L obtained the only legal rights to mine the area in which this crystal could be found. Unfortunately, once they started mining, they found extensive evidence hat illegal mining had been happening on their land. Due to this; Minerales y Metales del Oriente S.R.L obtained the expertise of gemmologists to certify only their findings of Ametrine to thus falsify any previous findings of Ametrine on their land. 

Scientific experiments conducted in the year 1981 determined that heat and irradiation could be used to convert natural amethyst into a material that appeared similar to Ametrine. It was inevitably found that this procedure was not cost efficient; and hence this process is rarely done since Ametrine can be sourced naturally. The process is still known to happen in Russia to produce specific types of jewellery. 

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