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Amazonite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Holds a powerful filtering action - it will filter information passing through the brain and combine it with intuition to allow logical thinking
  • Helps you to see both sides of a problem and enables you to see the most "real" solution 

Amazonite Healing information:

  • Helps to soothe emotional trauma, thus alleviating worry and fear
  • Dispels negative energy and aggravation that may be within or surrounding you
  • Known to help heal the heart and throat charka

Amazonite in Health:

Amazonite is said to be able to help calm both the brain and the nervous system. If you feel you are always getting sick, keep a piece of Amazonite nearby to encourage optimal health. It is also known to be beneficial for those with osteoporosis, tooth decay and any sort of calcium deficiency.

Amazonite in Relationships:

It is said that Amazonite will help to balance both the masculine and feminine energies to maintain a healthy boundary within relationships. Amazonite will stop situations heading to an explosion by promoting an understanding of the other persons point of view. Amazonite helps to promote universal love.

Amazonite for those with psychic abilities:

Opens the third eye of its keeper and aids in heightening intuition.

Amazonite Facts

  • Amazonite can be found worldwide, but mostly it is found in Russia, Burma, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil and in America
  • Amazonite can often be like Aventurine and Jade. To distinguish the difference between the two, look for the following; Aventurine can sometimes have a glittery effect to it and Jade often lacks the brightness and colour of Amazonite.
  • Amazonite was named after the Amazon River in South America
  • It is believed to get its colouring from the amount of water and lead that exists within the stone
  • Generally, Amazonite will contain white streaks of colour throughout the stone. The white colour is caused by Albite - a stone which grows alongside Amazonite
  • The more solid colour your piece of Amazonite is, the more valuable and higher quality it is
  • Amazonite is formed in deep-sea igneous rocks that were cooled very slowly over time
  • Amazonite can be found in sedimentary rocks

Amazonite History

In Ancient Egyptian times, Amazonite was used to create jewellery. King Tut was known to wear it as some pieces were found in his tomb. There is also evidence that shows Amazonite was used to create shields for the Amazonians during 10th century B.C. In these times, the Amazonians also believed that Amazonite had medicinal purposes e.g. treated and healed wounds and helped fight off multiple illnesses. 

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