Selenite Rod

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” Cleanse my crystals and help cleanse my soul. Clear my confusion and help terminate my stress. Help me be calm; help me to do my best. Guide me through life and connect me to the angelic realm.” - AP Crystals suggested crystal intention for Selenite. 

Selenite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Properties:

  • Emits a soft, fine and delicate vibrational energy
  • Gives you the highest guidance through life
  • Instils a sense of calm and peace
  • Helps to clear confusion
  • Excellent to use for meditation
  • Can be used to form a protective grid around the house
  • Aids in seeing the bigger picture
  • Excellent to use when nurturing a child
  • Encourages clarity of the mind
  • Assists with judgement and insight

Selenite for those with psychic abilities:

  • Helps to access the angelic realm
  • Ideal for connecting with spirit guides
  • Use Selenite to help focus on seeing the past and the future
  • A highly protective stone for psychics
  • Traditionally used for scrying

Selenite never needs to be cleansed. It is also a crystal which can cleanse other crystals. Place your new crystals on top of or surrounding a piece of selenite overnight to help recharge and refresh the crystals.