Crystal Skulls

💀 C R Y S T A L S K U L L S 💀

Did you know that there is a fascinating Mayan creation myth that references crystal skulls. It begins by saying that there were 13 Crystal skulls scattered by the Mayans thousands of years ago, to be discovered and reunited in modern times.

Crystal skulls became part of a larger allaegedly Native American prophecy, that says when all 13 skulls were reunited; the skulls would spread universal knowledge and secrets critical to humanities survival. But they would only be found once humanity was ready.

When used in a positive way; crystal skulls can aid hope and healing.

Some people think that they can be used similarly to a crystal ball to see the past, present and future.

There are many varied amazing stories and theories about crystal skulls! Whatever you believe in, why not get your own crystal skull for Halloween?! 👻