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Clear Quartz

✨ C L E A R Q U A R T Z ✨ 
Starting in ancient times, many cultures have references to quartz. Some use them to invoke rain and our own First Nation people have a god; Daramulun, who was said to have a mouth full of quartz. It has also been found in temples of the ancient Chinese, Mayans and Aztecs. The ancient Greeks coined the name krystallos for water clear crystals.. hence the common use of the name crystals.
✨ But how can you use it for your own needs?
Clear Quartz can be used to infuse the energy around you with positivity. Put a cluster in a room so it can radiate out this positivity from all of its points. It can help your connection to the spiritual realm by clearing your mind of negativity and enhancing your ability to be more open to the connection between both the spiritual and physical world.
When you receive your clear Quartz Crystal, it is a good idea to programme it straight away with positive energy so that it can infuse it’s surroundings with this positivity. Put a Palm Stone in your pocket to enjoy its energy all day long!
One of the great uses of clear Quartz is its amazing ability to be so receptive of intentions it’s keeper sets on it, especially when using a Point in this regard - it will send your intention soaring upwards and help manifest something magical.
✨ Did you know clear quartz crystals amplify the power of all your other crystals when you place them together? It’s one of its most important and powerful attributes!