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The Ammonites were once marine animals belonging to the Mollusca and Cephalopod family. Some living cephalopods are octopus, squids and cuttlefish. They had a coiled external shell that was divided into chambers which strengthens it from being crushed by external water pressure. They are said to have become extinct with the dinosaurs.

This beautiful and unusual coiled crystal name comes from the Amun the Egyptian god (known as Zeus Ammon to the Greeks) linked to the Ram. It’s spiral appearance mimics the ram’s horn and has been used since ancient times in Feng Shui, it is also believed that an Ammonite fossil was used by the Greeks as the first Olympic discus.

Ammonite can be used to draw off negative energies, filter them through its coils and release them as new positive energies.

It is a great Crystal for protection and is associated with the root chakra. It can encourage greater insight of the self, leading to increased stability in your life - a very grounding crystal.

So if you feel any chaos in your life, try Ammonite! The perfect crystal for bringing chaos back into order.