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Sunday | What does the future look like for me? | 19th of April Reveal

Sunday | What does the future look like for me? | 19th of April Reveal

Recently, we asked the question “What does the future look like for me?”. Here we have the tarot reveal, please remember that tarot cards are meant to lead your life, not dictate it!

For this reading, I have included the meanings of the reversed cards that came up in the stacks of cards. Usually, I would flip these cards over as knowing anything negative can stunt our way through life. However, given the times that we are currently facing I have included them for the first time. If you do not want to acknowledge the negative cards, please just skip over them.

  1. Page of Wands, Ten of Swords, Two of Wands and ( R ) Six of Crystals

So here we can see that there may be some good news coming in for you, or you might even be thinking about starting a new career or business. If you are thinking about starting up a new business, the time would be now; as stability, and abundance will be in your future if you get past some rocky times quickly and sufficiently.

For those who are after a more general reading about life; there will still be some good news coming your way; there could also be the start of something new headed into your life which could lead to something more exciting in your future. There will, unfortunately be a time where you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom coming in quite quickly after this good news, but if you can accept the fact that being at rock bottom doesn’t last forever; you will be able to move on and rise to see the dawn of a new day. After leaving your stay at rock bottom, it might give you some new perspective on life. You might start asking yourself “is there something better out there for me?”. You might find that your thoughts are clearer, and you will be ready to take some positive steps forward. It seems like a lot of your thoughts may revolve around money, if this is the case; your future seems more stable. The cards suggest a near future of a comfortable period in life where you are earning enough money to buy what you need, and life will in fact seem more positive.

Reversed Six of Crystals

The financial stability card in this stack was reversed, which does mean that in your future there could be some heavy times ahead. It could mean that you are struggling to find financial stability and could suggest a time of unemployment in the near future.

  1. King of Crystals, ( R ) Ace of Wands and Five of Crystals

The cards have expressed that you are a natural at all things business. It seems like in the past you may have owned a business, or you may have thought about all the possibilities that could lead you to having a financially stable life. The future looks bright, but the cards do say that you could move forward in the world by applying yourself in a practical matter. There are times ahead that you will have to brace for, which may involve a time of financial loss or instability, but if you make plans that could factor in these times, you will be able to support yourself in a comfortable manner. Make sure to always be humble in your quest for financial gain and to give to those who may need your support. This is overall a positive outlook for your future if you plan, stay humble and keep moving forward.  

Reversed Ace of Wands

This card could signify a time in your life where you feel at a complete stand still. There could be a time of sadness and even times when you feel that you’re taking back ward steps. It could also signify a time in our life where things end; whether that be relationships or even your dreams of a new career come to a halt. Take time to look after yourself as this card could signify some dark times ahead.

  1. The High Priestess and ( R ) Seven of Crystals

The stack of cards you have chosen suggest that you are quite intuitive. You have unlocked the power of listening to your gut instinct, and you are found to be right most of the time. The future looks to hold a very spiritual time for you as you navigate your way through life asking for and receiving synchronicities that will happen regularly. It would be wise for you in your future, to try not to make rash decisions as you may have previously done. The cards are calling for a more gentle approach to life (and decision making) and they are encouraging you to put more time aside for yourself. The future will hold many more opportunities for you if you reflect on what you have achieved and be happy with what is presented to you.

Reversed High Priestess

When this card is reversed, it could mean that you have started shutting down your intuition. You have stopped trusting your gut feeling and you feel that your spirit guides, or those looking out for you have let you down. It could also suggest that you have become quite a homebody and have not taken the time to step out in nature recently, or even go for a walk.

  1. Temperance, Page of Crystals, Queen of Cups and Two of swords

The cards have told me that may be someone who struggles with having patience, or you may be someone who makes decisions in the heat of the moment instead of taking your time to sort out the pro’s and con’s first. In this instance; the future coming up for you will teach you a great deal of patience and inner peace.

There will be some news headed your way, which may create a heavy burden on your shoulders. It could be some news regarding your finances or even your career which may have you making some tricky decisions and dealing with some confusion and / or conflict.  

However, it looks like you may find a creative way to deal with this news, whether that be in taking a different approach to it, or even making a decision based on what your heart wants; rather than your head wants.

In finding this new approach to dealing with conflict, you will teach yourself new life lessons and find that you don’t always need to rush into things to get a sudden answer. Time is on your side with this stack of cards, use it wisely to follow what your heart most desires.


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