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Sunday the 8th of March | Your week ahead

Sunday the 8th of March | Your week ahead

Your weekly tarot card reveals.

  1. Two of Crystals and The Empress

Confused? Have a tough decision coming up? This week will bring about you having to choose between a few options. It may even be a decision surrounding your financial interests. The time to choose is now, and trust in your gut feeling. By following your instincts; the end of the week will in fact bring you some financial rewards! This week is all about positive steps forward and trusting in the process. Take the time to plan your future and you will be able to afford to do what you want.

  1. Ace of Wands and the King of Wands

This week is full of passion, enthusiasm and moving forward. There could be some new projects coming your way or maybe even some travel. This is a very positive card which shows new beginnings and a sense of belonging and purpose. You will have some new physical energy this week and the time to start new projects is now! Embrace the traits of a warrior and try to harness some inner confidence. Try not to sit still this week, as this could cause some impatience and restlessness.

  1. Six of Cups, The wheel of fortune and Perspective

This week could start with people showing up from your past that you haven’t seen in ages! It could also suggest that maybe you’ve been thinking of the past and what it was, or maybe how you could have done things differently. It is good to have memories; but remember that you are here in the present. Everything that happened in your past; has shaped you to be the person you are today. Relinquish the need to control every single aspect of your life and try to just roll with the punches. You may not understand why things happen the way they do, but everything in your life is happening just as it should and is part of your destiny. The last part of the week may bring some worry, or even some struggle. Remember, if this happens; it is not the time to try fight your way out, it is time to be still and allow the circumstances to unfold and still trust in the process that everything is happening as it should.

  1. Three of swords and the Six of swords

This week could prove to be mentally exhausting for you. It could signify a time of grief and perhaps even disappointment. Allow yourself to grieve but know that you must not sit in this pit for too long. Expect the pain but don’t deny yourself from feeling it; it will help you to grow and become stronger. It is good news for the rest of the week, as you now start to move away from the chaos and grief that you felt. You are moving into calmer waters and you can now notice some new opportunities that are coming your way. It is important to not take the past with you; it is time to now move on and move forward. You may even feel strong enough to move on from a certain relationship or friendship which is no longer serving you; it may be tough – but it is ultimately the best and wise move.


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Teresita McGowan

Thank you im am feeling positive that Universe will deliver my miracle and start my new beginning. NAMASTE ♥️♥️


Thank you , always appreciate the guidance and wisdom lovely🙏💚💜💙

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