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Saturday 14th of March | Love and Relationships

Saturday 14th of March | Love and Relationships

Looking for love? Wanting to know if he/she is the one? Wanting to know if its worth it?

This week we are looking more in depth into love and relationships. Hopefully, within these cards you will find the answer you are looking for.


1.The High Priestess, Justice and the Seven of Wands

Having the High Priestess in your love reading, can signify that there was some sort of situation that needed to change. You may have had a gut feeling about something or even someone but haven’t yet acted upon that feeling. It may now be the time, to trust your intuition and walk out the door, or to start asking some questions, it perfectly ties into the Justice card which shows you what is happening presently in your love life. It bodes the question “Is this fair?” or “Do I deserve this?”. If you are asking these kinds of questions about your relationship, the answer is no, you do not deserve this; and no, it is not fair. This card also encourages us to be more positive; what you put out into the universe, is what we get back. For singles it could mean asking yourself “Have I been putting in a solid, positive effort into finding a partner?”. Leading into the future, you have received the Seven of Wands. This card does suggest some challenges are coming up, and you will have to stand your ground to ensure that you’re being heard. There may be some tension in the air regarding differences in how you and your partner see the future. This card does not mean that you must give up and break up, it just suggests that there will be some obstacles to overcome in the future. For singles this card really represents showing no fear and avoiding those who might be negatively influencing your love life. You don’t always have to find love in the ways that other people strongly suggest, you do YOU!


  1. The sun, The Emperor and the King of Cups.

So, in the past we can see that there was in fact a beautiful, loving and safe relationship. Having The Sun card show up if you are single, can represent a time where it seemed like just every potential partner wanted to meet you, date you and just be in the presence of your company! It is a very positive card to draw for your past! However, when we move onto the present card, having the Emperor show up can signify the breaking up of that relationship. It can suggest that presently, you might feel a bit lost or even a bit powerless. There might be an issue with an ex, or an issue within your relationship that just makes you feel that you’ve lost all hope. For singles, it could mean that you feel like you have lost your way, that you are just searching for the answers and feel like you’ve given all your power to someone else to hold over you. This card can signify that you need to take control, you need to know that no one has power over you, only you do. Moving onto the future with the King of Cups, means that you must not live inside your head. By that, I mean try not to let your emotions take you captive. Don’t lose hope. The King of Cups signifies a time where you should try to channel all those emotions into a creative project. If you are in a relationship, it could also mean asking yourself “am I emotionally invested in this relationship or am I in it because I am comfortable?”. For singles, the future could mean healing old emotional wounds first, before going out and finding a prospective partner. Trust your intuition, it will guide you onto the right path.


  1. Two of Wands, The Hierophant and The Knight of Swords

Seeing the Two of Wands in the past position for this love reading, shows me that you made a certain decision about your relationship. It could mean that you weighed up the pros and cons of leaving the relationship or staying in the relationship. If you are single, it could mean that you were deciding whether to dedicate your time to improving your relationship circumstances or focusing more on your career. When we see the Hierophant sitting in the present position, it can mean we have had some spiritual insights and wisdom come in regarding our relationship / love status. It shows us that now, is the time to use the lessons we have learned in previous relationships and apply them into our current relationships. For singles, it could mean it is now time to meditate, and think about how accommodating for the law of attraction, could bring us the right partner in life. Moving onto the future, for those in relationships, it might feel like you, or your partner are moving and doing things at 100 miles per hour. You may feel a bit confused, as your partner is a positive influence in your life, but you may find yourself asking if this person is really going to stick around for the long haul. For singles, this card could signify a time in your life where you simply have too much going on to commit to finding love. It could also mean that you could have some emotional healing to do before finding the right person. In order for us to love others; we must love ourselves first.


  1. Nine of Wands, The Magician, Ten of Swords and King of swords.

This spread involves 2 of the Swords suits, this represents that there has been a lot of thoughts, conflicts and maybe even tough conversations in your life recently. By seeing the Nine of Wands in the past, it can signify that you’ve had a pretty rough time. This card can suggest that you’ve been hurt badly in the past, and it could have hindered in your overall progress in life. The Nine of Wands also suggests that you often find yourself digging up the past and mourning over what once was. It could have signified a time in your life where you had to emotionally heal yourself and move on with life. I feel that the Ten of Swords showing up in this spread is also relating to the past and what has happened. It concretes the fact that you have hit rock bottom; you may have felt like you had nothing left to give. It is important to realize that the relationship was meant to end, it had no part in your destiny. The Magician in the present sense is a very positive card to receive. It shows us that now you are taking the lessons learnt previously and combining them with your intuition to positively move forward and manifest greatness into your life. For those in relationships currently, it can signify a partnership where you are very happy and content. It can signify that you are able to communicate with your partner, and get the support, love and sensitivity you need. For singles, this card is telling you to manifest the love you want into your life. Now is the time for miracles. The King of Swords in your future shows us that you do need to be more cautious in your approach to relationships. It does show a positive future, but only if you heal, organize your mental health and progress in being the best version of yourself. By doing this, you will attract a great love into your life.


  1. Queen of Cups, Page of Cups and Awakening.

By having the Queen of Cups show up in the past, it tells me that there has been quite a lot of reflection in your life. For those in relationships, it could signify a feeling of worry about your partnership. However, when we move onto the present; the Page of Cups signifies a brand new and exciting beginning for those in relationships. For singles it could even mean that a new partner is headed your way! It is a VERY positive card surrounding love. The future is also, very bright for both singles and those in a relationship. The Awakening card shows us that there is a deep bond between both partners, and there will be more insight as to where your relationship is headed. This card also signifies that yes, we can reflect on past mistakes; but do not get caught up in what you cannot change. For singles it could mean that you are feeling a need to reflect on how you could have handled certain situations better or ask yourself if a different behavior could benefit you in the future. It is a positive card that signifies you are moving in the right direction.


  1. Four of Wands, Two of Swords and the Eight of Swords.

The four of wands could signify that you have just celebrated something with your partner, and that you are incredibly stable and building some solid foundations with your significant other. For singles, it means that there could have been some sort of date that went extremely well, and you are now waiting to see what happens next. Presently, we can see that you may have taken a step backwards (both those in relationships and singles); and you are not sure why. There may be some sort of decision that you are struggling with, and you just feel blinded by fear and confusion. The reason that we may step backwards could be, is that we’re always scared that after something good happens; that something bad will soon follow. It is now time to step out of that mindset and move forward. By not moving forward, we could start to feel trapped; this is what the Eight of Swords is telling us. You may feel that this decision, or this feeling that you get has a ton of power over you; take a step back and ask yourself “is this fear real? Or is my mind absolutely running to the hills with these feelings?” This spread signifies that everything will turn out in your favour, if you have faith and courage to move past the struggles in which your mind is creating for you.


  1. Page of Crystals, Six of Wands and Five of Wands.

In the past, we can see that there have been some new stages in your relationship. Whether that be a permanent commitment, moving in together or even creating a joint bank account. This card says, “We are moving up in the world, don’t get in our way!”. The Page of Crystals can also suggest that there could be a pregnancy for you, or someone close by! For singles, you could have felt extremely vulnerable in the past, but you did move forward and heal those emotional issues. You could have even received a promotion at work or received a really rewarding paycheck! This is a really practical card to receive, it’s a positive card and it does tend to surround your financial status. The Six of Wands in the present is showing us that for those in relationships, you are moving along nicely, you are in an ocean of love and the waters are calm! The card says that you both have common goals that you want to achieve, and nothing can stop you from achieving them. For singles, this card shows you to be on the lookout for someone headed your way! This person could have similar interests to you and prove to be a dependable partner. The Five of Wands in the future shows us that there could be some rocky times ahead. It can suggest that there may be some obstacles for those in relationships to overcome. For singles, the future could have you feeling spread thin, like you are trying to be there for everyone at the same time. There could be some outside influence pushing you to “hurry up and find someone” for an example, this could hinder you in making steps forward.


  1. Nine of Swords, Ten of Cups and Eight of Wands

So, from the past I can see that there was some anxiety and worry for those who are in a relationship. It looks like there could have been some fear, or maybe even a friends comment about your relationship that had you tossing and turning at night. For singles, leading up to now; there could have been some worry about not being in a relationship, or some stress surrounding your relationship status. It is important to know, that sometimes its just our head causing unnecessary stress and worry for us. However; in the present you have received one of the most positive cards that surrounds love and relationships. The Ten of Cups shows us for those that are in relationships, you are being showered with feelings of pure happiness and security. This card could signify an addition to the family, whether that be a child or a pet. This relationship could lead to a marriage! For singles, this may be a time where you feel like you belong in the world. You have found your mark; you have found what makes you happy and what makes you tick. There could even be someone on the horizon, making their way to you! For the future, we can see that those in relationships are finding that they really enjoy spending time together with their partner, it looks like some plans are falling into place and you’re happy. For singles, the future is bright! Any work that you are doing now to find a partner, will pay off in the near future.

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