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Fountain Tarot Card Reveal | Wednesday 6th of May

Fountain Tarot Card Reveal | Wednesday 6th of May

 Today we are asking the cards; What can I do to improve myself over the coming weeks? What emotional challenges have I overcome, and what’s yet to happen.

Choose your stack of cards; either 1, 2 or 3.

Today’s Reading is from the Fountain Tarot. After playing with them for a while I’ve found that the images are perfect for beginners, or those who want to learn to read cards. The images are easy to interpret and the cards feel comfortable in my hands. You can try the Fountain Tarot cards but purchasing them here


  1. The Sun and Judgment

If you have received these cards after asking the specific question of “What can I do to improve or encourage myself to do over the next coming weeks” the answer is simple. The cards are telling you to let your creative side run free and to not let yourself overthink things. If you are looking for any sign to start a new project or even begin on a new career path, this is it. The time is now for you to move ahead in life and to start being honest with yourself about what you truly want. Take the time to let your own voice reign free and start doing what it is YOU want to do.


  1. The Chariot and Knight of Coins

When receiving these two cards when asking yourself “What emotional challenges are coming up”, the cards are telling you that you do have the opportunity to overcome your emotions. It is time to keep powering ahead and to ignore the drama that may be happening around you. This emotional challenge may have something to do with your financial situation, or maybe even your career. You need to keep being positive and to try stay in the current moment. Don’t get too caught up in your own thoughts, its time to keep moving forward.


  1. Ten of Wands and Ten of Coins

If you’re feeling like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders; you have definitely picked the right set of cards. These cards are screaming at you to let go of the weight you are carrying that others have put on you. That weight is not yours to bare and it is time to ask for some guidance from your spirit guides and angels. In doing so, you will realize that you have much success, and some prosperity will be headed your way in the near future.

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