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The Psychic Tarot Card Reading & How to do a 3 card spread!

The Psychic Tarot Card Reading & How to do a 3 card spread!

Tarot cards can be used as a tool for psychics to link in with spirits and guides, to offer guidance that may relate to the past, present and occasionally, the future.

Tarot cards can be laid out in various ways and include any number of cards drawn. Some psychics may even use a combination of 2-3 tarot decks. Ultimately, the messages and guidance offered will be of meaning and truth, and essentially, is a message that needs to be given to the querent.

All tarot cards come with meanings and some people may only use this way of giving readings. Some psychics however, will throw away the books accompanying the tarot cards, and use only links with spirit to give messages. The duration of tarot psychic readings given will vary. However long or short the readings may be, the messages given will be honest and give meaning and validation to the recipient.

Most authentic psychics will not elaborate or exaggerate any information to lengthen readings. When tools such as tarot are used, they are read using mediumistic and spiritual direction (intuition). This means that cards will be read on an individual basis for each person. For example, a person may choose three cards from the deck. E.g. Three of Swords, The Tower, The Priestess. The psychic/medium will then give their messages and guidance to this person. A second person can shuffle this same deck of tarot cards, and pull out these same three cards. The messages given to this person will be different and have different validations.

There are many objects (tools) used by a medium of psychic to enable their connections to manifest in the same way as tarot. Some of these include crystals, crystal balls, colour, rune stones, angel cards, palmistry, psychometry.

To define your best method is to sit in a development circle or participate in a few specified workshops to find your niche and develop such skills with a reputable teaching medium.

How To Do A Simple Three Card Spread

There are so many tarot card spreads available to use for reading Tarot cards. In order to read the cards effectively you have to be familiar with their meanings and how you relate to them when they are in a spread. Once you get accustomed to each card on its own, you are ready to start learning how to read them in a spread. Most Tarot Card readers are familiar with the Celtic Cross Spread, but a three card basic spread is a good way to learn how to read cards for beginners.

Even before you start to use a three card spread; there is a good exercise you can do daily. Its purpose is to familiarize yourself with the cards and the idea of reading them. It is easy to do and will strengthen your abilities when it comes to reading cards in general.

 What you do is you shuffle your cards and pull one a day to see what your day will be like. Based on the card you pull you give yourself a reading with that card. Analyze what that card will mean to you that day. This is an excellent way to get familiar with the cards and their meanings. It also helps you develop your sense of intuition which is also very important for reading the Tarot Deck.

Now that you know that, let's move on to the Three Card Spread.

Here are the Steps to conduct a Three Card Reading: 

  1. Focus on Your Question 
  2. Shuffle Your Cards
  3. Pick one of the Cards and put it in the center of the table. This card represents the “present situation” in relation to the question you asked.
  4. You will then pick another card and lay it to the left of the first card. This is the past in relation to the question you asked. Keep in mind the past could be the day before or even the night before. It doesn't mean years ago necessarily based on what you asked. This card connects you to the present situation or middle card.
  5. Next Pick your third card and lay it to the right of the middle card. This is the future or outcome position to the question. Keep in mind that the future could mean later that day. It doesn't necessarily mean a year from now.

And there you have it! You just did a reading. Simple and to the point. When you get to the point that this is easy for you, you can begin to explore more complex types of spreads.

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