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So, you're going to see a psychic...

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Whether you’re asking for general life advice, wanting to know how your year will turn out, or you’ve just had enough and want to know when this period of loss will end; we all turn to a psychic at one point in our lives. We want to know if our partner is the one, when we will have children and when we will finally feel at peace with the world.

The fact of the matter is, we go to a psychic because we want answers.

Going to a psychic can be utterly nerve wracking, especially if you don’t understand how the process works. Will they read my mind? Will they know I didn’t brush my teeth this morning? Do they know about my year 1 crush? The simple answer is no. Psychics don’t delve into your deepest, darkest secrets… unless you ask them to!

Psychics can use several tools to help you get the answers you seek. Some use tarot cards, some use their third eye, and some communicate with spirits on the other side to receive answers to your questions. When making your appointment with the psychic, you can ask how it is that the psychic receives the answers during your session.

So, who do you go to when you want your questions answered?

There are SO many psychics out there, that sometimes you can lose faith in finding the right one that will be clear, precise but most importantly honest. It is a good idea to ask around your family / friend circle to see if they can recommend a psychic. If no one has seen one, you should always read reviews on the one that has caught your interest. However, your intuition will guide you to the right psychic. Just listen to what it tells you and go with your gut instinct.

Once your session is booked, feel free to take some paper and a pen to write down important points that the psychic reveals to you. Sometimes, you can be so overwhelmed with what the psychic is saying, that you will completely forget what has been communicated right after the session! So, pack these essentials before setting off.

It is also important that you have the questions you want answered, clear in your mind before arriving at your appointment. Again, you can be so overcome with the information that you are being told, that you might forget the main reason you wanted to see the psychic in the first place. You might want to write these questions down on that handy piece of paper!

During your session, make sure you let the psychic know if something doesn’t sit right with you, or if the information they are telling you does not relate to your life. Sometimes, psychics can pick up energy from someone who is simply helping to guide you through life (This could be a guide, or someone close to you that has passed into the spiritual world).

After your session, you should always go away feeling hopeful and excited about your life. If you have left the session feeling anxious or worried; it is time to find a new psychic. Psychics should never convey messages of fear during your reading; this is not the way of a true psychic.

It is important to digest the information that you have received. It could be helpful to go for a walk in nature and really unravel all the important points of your reading. Although most of the information could come true, it is handy to remember that sometimes life changes and sometimes pieces of the reading simply won’t happen or happen in the way that you expected.

Going to see a psychic can be life-changing, amazing and help to fill your spirit up with endless amounts of excitement and love. It can help you to see your life through someone else’s eyes and steer you in the right direction.


If you were hoping to receive an answer to a question, received the answer but it wasn’t the one you were wanting to hear; don’t shop around with psychics until you receive the answer that you want. It is possible that you may steer the psychic into giving you the answer that you want; but it may push you into making the wrong decision and could result in severe consequences that didn’t need to happen in the first place.


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