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So, the moon is in Sagittarius?

So, the moon is in Sagittarius?

The moon in Sagittarius

So, what happens when the moon is in Sagittarius? What does that mean? How will that affect us and the way we live?

When the moon is in Sagittarius, we can often find ourselves feeling optimistic about life. You might even find yourself trying to see the best in people, or even try to find the positive in a negative situation. There could be some more enthusiasm within your spirit, and you could find yourself going on a new and exciting adventure. Your sense of direction in life might start to become clearer when the moon is in Sagittarius, and you could even start thinking of some new goals you want to achieve, or even find yourself researching a new career path. Allow yourself to trust your intuition, and to follow the path it leads you on. You could find yourself wanting to take the road less travelled and find yourself embarking on a new adventure.  

For those in a relationship, it could be a great idea to go on a walk or hike in nature and simply explore together. Whilst the moon is in Sagittarius, it is important that we don’t forget that our partner does have their own life. We can often get possessive under this moon and act like we are the only one our partner needs. So, whilst it is important to break free and go hiking and exploring together, we must remember that our partner can have their own time and space to do the things they love as well.

For singles, it is a great time to take life head on and take those risks that you were too scared to take previously. You may find yourself focusing more on your career, or even travel. Singles under this moon do not tend to focus on finding love now, there are far more exciting things out there now that don’t revolve around romance. If there is a new project or a new idea that you’ve been thinking about starting, now is the time.

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